Honda’s New Diesel Car ‘Amaze’ Enters India Market

Honda’s New Diesel Car ‘Amaze’ Enters India MarketHonda Cars Ltd. has raised eyebrows in the Indian car industry by announcing the launch of its first diesel car, ‘Amaze’.  Rumors suggest that Honda might compete with Maruti’s Swift Dzire with this new sedan. With Honda placing the cost of the model at Rs. 5.99 lakh, a little below the base price of the Swift Dzire, the competition does seem to go northwards.

With a mileage of 25.8kmpll, the Amaze is one of the best fuel-efficient cars in the market. A 1.5 litre DTEC diesel engine powers this mammoth producing a power of 98.6bhp, around 25bhp more than Swift Dzire. Amaze has a Torque of 100Nm compared to swift’s 90 Nm. Amaze has a boot space of 400 liters – again more than what the Dzire offers.

When it comes to looks and interior designs it seems the Honda Amaze, like the Maruti Swift Dzire, is impressive.

Chevrolet’s ‘Sail Sedan’ too, seems to be in the same market as Honda’s latest offering.  Honda’s new baby seems to offer good value for the money. The absence of the Climate Control feature can go a bit against the Amaze, considering that Dzire featured it right since its inception, but it remains to be seen.  Nevertheless, it doesn’t take away the ability of Honda to snatch away market share in what has become a competitive industry.

With customers in India seemingly inclining more towards diesel, due to increasing petrol prices, it remains to be seen home the marketplace will be affected by this new ‘Amaze’ment.

(Photo courtesty of Honda India)