Pinterest Right From Your Nook Tablet

Pinterest Right From Your Nook TabletThis is great news for all Nook users out there. From now on, checking out Pinterest on your Nook tablet will be just another thing you do every day.

In a few days, Pinterest will come preloaded with most of the Nook devices. And for those who already own Nook tablets, you don’t need to get disheartened; the App is available for download in the market place. Nook representatives announced that Nook tablets will come preloaded with Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

The app, which is sure to be popular, can be used pin-up something you are browsing on the internet, onto Pinterest, which has a user base of millions.  With the app, you will be able to click a picture and browse a page and pin it up, right from the home screen of your Nook.  This should allow users the ability to view it whenever they want, without ever going through the long list again.

With a company worth estimated to be in the billions, Pinterest has been growing rapidly the last couple of years.  So it comes as no surprise at the introduction of the app on Nook, it was only a matter of ‘when’ and not ‘if’.  For those who have little time to go to a workstation every time they need to know about a particular thing, Pinterest comes as a nice surprise. Search it for once, Pinterest it and there it is, on your screen – just like your desktop.