iPad Mini 2, iPad 5, or Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini – Which Will Come First?

Last week we wrote about the iPad 5 release rumors and also joined other in speculating when the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini might come to market.  Now, we are left to wonder if Apple might suprise us with the timing of, a much anticipated, iPad Mini 2.

iPad Mini, launched last November to take on Amazon’s Kindle tablets has seen a phenomenal demand. With over three million units being sold in just the first three days after launch, it seems Apple is now looking at bringing in the next iPad Mini soon – which is rumoured to be called the iPad Mini 2.

iPad Mini 2, iPad 5, or Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini - Which Will Come First?With rumors for a launch of the iPad 5 soon as well, it seems that Apple will also take out its next version of the iPad Mini, unless it wants to follow a yearly cycle launching the iPad Mini.

According to insiders, the iPad Mini 2 will have an even sharper display, at 2,048 x 1,536 pixels while the size of the device will remain the same at 7.9 inches.

The missing retina display in the iPad Mini was one of the sorest points of an otherwise truly incredible tablet. In fact, the word on the street also suggest that the tech specs of iPad Mini 2 might surpass those of iPad 4 as well. Which brings us to the questions, what extra would Apple include in iPad 5 to make people buy it over iPad Mini 2, except the size of course.

If the iPad Mini 2 does have an A5X Processor to power it, Apple will have to include some interesting specs in the iPad 5 to make people buy it. True, Apple doesn’t not want to lose market share to Amazon’s Kindle, but it has to think of something more genuine to keep its customer base intact.

Images of a supposed casing of iPad Mini 2 have already been leaked earlier this year, the only question is when will Apple actually come out with this new gem of a device?