An Apple iWatch? And The Survey Says…

An Apple iWatch?  And The Survey Says…If rumors are to be believed, someday Apple might come out with its own so called, “iWatch”. But would the consumers love it?

Well, a recent survey taken by ChangeWave suggests that Apple has one in five people interested in an iWatch.  Around 1,713 consumers were polled in North America and around 19% indicated that they would be interested in trying out out Apple’s iWatch – if they did in fact develop one.

This brings us to the question, would it be really be a good business deal for Apple if it indeed comes out with the smart watch? Smart watches haven’t been new phenomena. While Burg has introduced its own range of smart watches which can do everything from making calls to checking time, Sony too came out with its own smart watch last year.

While the watches have sold well, they haven’t made any dent in the conventional watch market – but then again, Apple hasn’t ever released on yet.  And, these survey results are similar to other Apple products that have been a hit, so this could be promising news.  So how much would nerdy geeks and technology freaks like an Apple smart watch? If anything is good, it is that Apple has a good base of fan loyalists who would vouch for anything Apple and that might just work in its favor.

If you look at the statistics given out by ChangeWave in its bigger sense, 19% actually translates to 63 million Americans, which might not be a bad number after all.