Dangerous ‘Cinnamon Challenge’ Fad – What You Should Know

Dangerous ‘Cinnamon Challenge’ Fad – What You Should KnowSome fads are good. Some are bad. And there are some that still exist even though it shouldn’t. The Cinnamon challenge is one of them.  If you have already heard of it, we hope that you have not tried to imitate it yet.  If you haven’t heard of it yet, we hope to shed some light on what has become a dangerous phenomenon.

The Cinnamon Challenge involves one trying to swallow spoonful of ground cinnamon within 60 seconds, without having any water.  Unfortunately, the challenge has gone viral and you can see hordes of the videos in YouTube showing people choking and gagging and performing funny actions as they try to pass the challenge. What you do not see are the hospital cases that are occurring every day.

Trying the challenge might not only cause ‘trivial’ things like throat infections and choking but, more seriously thing such as collapsed lungs. The spice of cinnamon is caustic and one’s body isn’t made to rake in that amount of causticity in under a minute. If you are one with asthma, trying to perform the challenge could prove to be deadly. Chances are, your lungs could be damaged by trying to perform this silly game, if you might call it so. The first half of the year have seen a handful of cases where students have been hospitalized with a collapsed lung – all because of a cinnamon challenge that went wrong. We sure hope you would not be one of those, not after reading this.