Siri-ously? – Google Now on iOS for iPhone and iPad

iPhones and iPads can now benefit from the advantages of Google Now, the prime Siri competitor from Google. Available for months now on Android, Google Now brings its features to iOS users also, bringing threatening competition to Apple’s Siri program with better data collection of the user’s preferences and a better response to searches made by customers.

The iPhone and iPad version of Google Now is part of the Google Search app, unlike the Android version, that integrates it into Google’s operating system. Still, it has the same look as the Android version, with clean design and card presentation of information or alerts.

Upon installation, Google Now requests permission to access personal info such as location and analyzing the users search enquiries and location, being able to even determine the user’s average morning commute. Location is not publicly visible and it is only used for requested information, such as the local weather or finding airlines in the area.

Siri-ously? - Google Now on iOS for iPhone and iPadEven though Apple had introduced voice control since 2009 and has been improving it since, Google Now comes with the same features, enabling a new trend to switch from Siri to Google Now. This trend has been previously seen when Google Maps app was launched for iOS.

From search analysis to personal assistant features, Google Now is posing a real threat for Apple’s Siri. Even though there may be limitations compared to the Android version, Google Now is soon to win its place on the Apple market, and we can’t wait to give it a shot.