Skype From Your Browser – Microsoft (MSFT) Launches Video Calls For

Ahead of the times, Google (GOOG) has already introduced the Google Talk chat within the chat browser. Now, Microsoft (MSFT) plans to do the same with its mail option, Microsoft is planning to introduce Skype’s services within its webmail. Users in the UK can now take advantage of the service and call and send messages to their Skype friends, right from the webmail service itself.

Users who are interested to view and use Skype right from their inbox will need to download a plug-in first though for it to work. The plugin will work with Microsoft’s own IE, Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox.

Customers who have their own Microsoft account have already been asked to merge their Microsoft account with their Skype ones. This enables them to add all their Skype contacts to

Gmail, it might be remembered, has this feature since more than a year. Users can avail the Google Talk chat feature right from their Gmail inbox and even send messages and do video calling without a hassle. It seems Microsoft has taken the cue and plans to do the same now. After acquiring Skype in 2011, which added Voice and Video communications to Microsoft’s software kitty, this seems the most reasonable thing to do for Microsoft. What’s more, with the recent launch of Windows 8 that has been successful as far as Microsoft is concerned, this new service will sure add credibility to Microsoft.

The service will soon be introduced for users from other parts of the world including those in the U.S and Germany in the coming weeks.