LinkedIn Corp (LNKD) Debuts Fancy Visual Portfolios – Should Help In Job Searches

With Facebook (FB) seemingly opening its own job category for job seekers, it seems LinkedIn Corp (LNKD) is notching up efforts to keep its customer base from withering away. In a slew of new announcements, LinkedIn announced that one can add photos, videos, PowerPoint and even comments from other people.

These new features are being introduced in English-speaking countries first and then will gradually be introduced all over.

LinkedIn is hoping that people will just stay onto its pages a while bit longer with these announcements, making the site more ‘social’. You can now send over your LinkedIn profile link for others to view, which wasn’t possible before. The ability to share your resume or presentations will be available soon too.

LinkedIn Corp (LNKD) Debuts Fancy Visual Portfolios – Should Help In Job SearchesLinkedIn wasn’t faring that well recently. With job seekers only getting limited exposure unless they were ‘ready to pay up’ to use LinkedIn’s services, not many were using LinkedIn for job seeking purposes. The surging popularity of Facebook wasn’t helping LinkedIn either. More, users could only see ‘one type’ of LinkedIn profiles everywhere.

Things are sure going to change now. Painters and Architects can design up their profile as they want, showcasing their pictures and designs for all to see. There are still things LinkedIn can go wrong with though. It seems LinkedIn might just charge users for using some of the extra services announced, including the option of sharing. If LinkedIn does want to make the site more social, a bit more of free services which lets users actually interact with each other more freely can also be a good idea.  Meantime, we’re excited about their latest enhancements.