iPad Mini 2 Release Date Rumors – Will It Include Retina Display?

After the success of the iPad Mini which definitely came out as a surprise to many of us there rumors that the iPad mini 2 will also make it to the market. Among the various reports about the launch of the iPad mini 2, one report suggests that Apple will release two versions of the iPad mini. While one will be featured in the third calendar quarter of 2013, the other would be released in the first calendar of 2014 which of course would be the third generation iPad.

The iPad Mini initially had to face a lot of criticism as there was no external storage options and absence of the Retina Display .The iPad mini 2 set to launch in a coming few months and this time it is being said that the tablet will feature highly anticipated Retina Display .It will also include a high resolution LCD display and a 7.9 inch display screen. The device could also include the iPhone 5’s Low-Temperature Poly silicon (LTPS) display .Now as Apple is trying to include so many new features it’s getting tough for the tech giants to incorporate that all in a slimmer design therefore it the Ipad mini 2 will either be of the same thickness or slightly thicker .

Apple TabletThe real question  would be about where the company is going to release the new tablet . Sources claim it could be at WWDC with us getting new updates that Apple will come out with the MacBook announcements there. However, the CEO of the company, Tim Cook claimed that there would no new devices till fall.