Pebble Makes Big Ripples – Watch Tells Your Smartphone What To Do

Nearly 70,000 originally backed Pebble with $10 million in funds through Kickstarter last year.  Now they just received an additional $15 million through Charles River Ventures.  The funds are said to be used to continue R&D and to meet anticipated customer demand.

The biggest news, though – might be what they revealed about their software development kit (SDK), PebbleKit, which has already been downloaded thousands of time.  It will allow two-way communication with a smartphone.  It is able to communicate wirelessly with smartphone apps and serve as sort of a “miniature remote control” to not only display information, but to potentially control smartphone apps – right from the watch.  It works with both Android-based devices and iOS.

screenshotAccording to their website, the Pebble “smartwatch”, also has the ability to notify their watch-bearers of things like iMessages (iOS), Facebook messages, Twitter updates, weather alerts, SMS, and email.  The smartwatch is also sure to be a hit amongst the fitness buffs, because of their Pebble Sports API, that will help track things such as running time and distance.

Their founder, Eric Migicovsky, said in a statement, “The tremendous response we received from Kickstarter backers validated our belief in the value of a smart watch as a wearable computer, but also in the value an open platform brings to truly personalizing the watch to their daily activities,”.

The latest news is sure to create additional buzz in what might be the next consumer technology race – companies like Apple, Google, and Samsung are all rumored to be considering developing their own smartwatch.  For now, Pebble takes the lead.

(Image Credit/Source:  Pebble Technology Website)