Google I/O 2013 All Summed Up

With all the happenings at Google I/O 2013, let’s summarize the highlights.  Based on the innovations that have been unveiled at Google’s I/O 2013 Developers Conference, Google has shown to have evolved and matured immensely. In the technical sessions, more than 120 talks, about everything from the basic introductory topics to advanced subjects about Google Chrome, Google+, Google Maps, Android, App Engine, Google Glass, among others have been featured.

Google Larry PageAlthough this year’s announcements have not been as extravagant or momentous as the one’s of the previous conference, they have definitely been steady and enthralling. The first ever Google Play subscription music streaming device ‘All Access’ was introduced, as well as new Google Play game saving and sharing services. Also, new APIs for Android were made known that let developers create apps that can be restricted to specific areas and locations. Many developer tools that would help improve the sales and marketing of their apps for Android were also discussed. The improved version of Google+, updated with 41 new features was demonstrated. Voice search, which till now had been limited to smart phones, is now making the leap to desktops as well.

The focus this year was more on refining and developing what Google already has, in order to keep improving the products. The basic idea was retaining the attention that they had already gained. Although Google may not have world-beating products in every category, it sure does have a vast number of technologies. The conference was a real developers conference this time around, with emphasis on Android and its development environment.