Stormy Start for Creative Cloud – Adobe Aborts Planned Sync Tool

Adobe Creative Cloud’s file-sync part has gone out of order erratically for about a week. And now, it is been suspended by Adobe for the next few weeks in order to carry out much needed updates. The sync element is responsible for keeping the files on portable devices like tablets or Web browsers synchronized with PC’s. However, since 15 May, 6:02 pm it has become inoperative and Monday onwards, various problems have been reported by the users. The problem, according to Adobe, lies in one of the core parts of the Creative Cloud.

Although it was launched nearly a year back, Adobe had to keep it suspended throughout this week for updating the interface that is used by the software for communicating with the servers of Adobe. In one of their blog posts, Adobe stated, “some updates have caused instability in the service. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you.”

AdobeUsers can certainly continue working on their files and accessing them on the local system and on the Creative Cloud site as well. Yet, the changes made to the files locally will not get synchronized with the Creative Cloud automatically as long as the Adobe file-sync preview stays offline. The users can however keep uploading and downloading the files manually from and to Creative Cloud site.

The completely integrated Creative Cloud version is expected to be released by Adobe in the upcoming month. Even though Adobe’s Creative Suite 6 will be continuing to remain available for procurement, it’s been said that Adobe does not have definitive plans for further releases of any Creative Suite products.

(Photo Credit: Adobe Creative Cloud)