Top Google Glass Privacy Challenges Discussed

Google has forged a new era in the world of technology with the creation of Google glass. Google glass is a hands free flexible and unbreakable wearable computer that allows recording, picture taking, GPS navigation, voice commands and much more. This new device is a highly anticipated product emerging onto the technological market platform. Google glass is light and comes in a variety of colors. Google glass is also working on the creation of developing new and interesting apps for the users convenience. Google glass seems to be the next new hot item that will leave the shelves as soon as it hits the shelves.

google-glassesUnfortunately with new advances come new concerns. In this case, the privacy levels of Google glass are in question.  Google received a letter from a Congressional Bi-Partisan privacy group questioning the collection of privacy and data from users without consent. Unsuspecting individuals would be at risk for a viral exposing of privacy via snapshots from Google glass and then re-posting on social media sites. This can be defined as an intrusive window into the lives of others. And was cause for concern amongst the Congressional group.

Google must define and present the safety measures they have in place to prevent the collection of personal data information from others.  It’s been said that Google must address the privacy concerns by June 14. Google glass has not yet been officially released to the public but sales have been made through software developers who attended the conference unveiling for Google glass.