Will Apple Surprise Attendees With an Early iPhone 6 or iPad Mini 2 Release at WWDC?

With the annual Apples’ WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) around the corner, the questions in everybody’s mind is ‘will Apple surprise attendees with an early iPhone 6 or mini 2 release at the WWDC?’.  The conference, to be held on June 10, is just a few days away.

The WWDC, which takes place every year, has been one of the most anticipated events to look out for especially for developers. Apple is known to have a new trick to share with the growing audience and we are keen to see what they will pull out this year.

apple_logoApple did promise to take innovations to the next level with the iPhone 6 a few weeks back. But can Apple deliver the iPhone 6 and iPad mini 2 by the WWDC which is only days away? And will they manage to make a mark on the feature front? Because let’s face it, Apple’s innovation hasn’t been complimented with features recently. Most importantly, how would the consumers react? The iPhone 5 already has some technical problems including switching off unexpectedly even with a fully charged battery. The iPad mini 2 battery life is one other issue will have to deal with. Rumors also suggest of a slight chance of the announcement of the speculated Apple iWatch though we seem to think that as unlikely at the present.

As hopeful as we may want to be and get our hands on the next high-tech iPhone 6 and iPad mini 2, chances are we might have to wait a little longer. So what’s in store for us on June 6th ? As always, Apple doesn’t want to spill the beans and we have to wait for it.