And the Survey Says … Samsung Galaxy Edges Apple iPhone

The competitive world of mobile technology pits design against design, apps against apps, features against features, and accessories against accessories. This is all done to gain the consumer’s vote of choice.  Apple’s iPhone exploded with great success into the mobile market when it was introduced in 2007. Unfortunately, with the rise of competing phones with new and improved software application Apple’s iPhone has taken a hit in the consumer market.

According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index the iPhone fell a little over 2 percent in comparison with the prior year.  Apple iPhone’s competitor Samsung according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index climbed over 6 percent in the last quarter. Samsung’s smartphone Galaxy S III which premiered last May has a lot to do with the company’s success. Samsung captured more than half of the global market in the first quarter with their smartphones.

The continued consumer attraction from Apple’s iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S III is in the convenience and choice it bears to the consumer.  The Apple iPhone is not as sleek and thin as Samsung’s Galaxy S III. Apple iPhone is limited in color selection whereas Samsung’s Galaxy S III comes in a variety of colors. The Samsung Galaxy S III has a feature that converts digital music into the signal which comes out of the headphone jack while Apple iPhone uses a headphone amp. These are only a few of the features that pit the Samsung Galaxy S III in high competition with Apple’s iPhone.

Samsung is predicted to take the premier place in the world of mobile technology. Samsung has been noted to have the most significant improvement than any other cell phone manufacturer to date.