Next Gen Xbox One Promises to Revolutionize Home Entertainment

Xbox imageThe much anticipated Microsoft’s Xbox reveal is upon us. The premise of Xbox gaming console influence in the gaming world was considered to be the underdog of gaming in the console’s earlier days. This is not the case now. It was reported in the month of April of this year that over 125,000 Xbox’s were sold in the United States. This makes the Xbox the number one selling video game console in the country.

Microsoft Xbox’s reveal today will undoubtedly boast of features such as a fast processor, a large hard drive, DVD/Blu-ray drive and a host of memory space. The consumer experience of the Microsoft Xbox player will definitely possess all it needs to ensure a top-notch multiplayer experience. Microsoft Xbox is making adding to the achieved success by integrating such features as video chat making the consumer’s experience at gaming more innovative and interactive with other online players.

Many consumers have undoubtedly began the search for games compatible with the new Xbox. But representatives from the reveal of Microsoft Xbox has positioned to focus only on the hardware and the vision of the gaming console today. There has been a total of two games associated with the new Xbox gaming console so far.

Microsoft is scheduled to hold a meeting at the highly anticipated E3 gaming conference in Los Angeles in about three weeks. During this meeting Microsoft will weigh in on the games and features lined up for the console. Microsoft is thankful to all consumers for the overwhelming success of the gaming console and will work hard to keep improving.