Will Apple Share Release Date for iPad 5 at WWDC? – Rumors Persist While We Wait

iPadIt is hoped that at the WWDC in June Apple will announce the planned release date of the iPad 5.  From what we have heard to this point, the much anticipated iPad 5 is rumored to be released at the end of this year. The release is rumored to take place not too long after the Apple iPhone 5S. Apple is known for its trending features with convenient apps for consumers. What are some of the perks consumers could possibly expect with the release of the iPad 5? Consumers will not be disappointed with a new 9.7 inch iPad5. The new iPad5 will be similar in design elements as the iPad Mini but will be innovative in new technological features.

Apple’s new fifth generation iPad 5 will work in comfortable and efficient convenience for the consumer by incorporating a slimmer bezel and custom rounded edges. The consumer can expect easy on the go surfing and information surge through the new rumored touch screen GF2 panel. The much anticipated iPad 5 has also been rumored to incorporate a high tech rear end microphone. The iPad5 would be the very first mini pad to incorporate such a feature. The glass substrate of the iPad 5 mini has also been rumored to be substantially thinner than the iPad mini and the fourth generation iPad which were both released last year.

With all the anticipation and rumored speculation surrounding the new iPad 5 consumers are sure to enjoy the experience even better than the thrill of the iPad mini and the fourth generation iPad. The new iPad 5 rumors to revolutionize the technology of mini tablets. These are only a few sneak peeks into what awaits consumers with the new iPad 5.