iPad Mini Prices Slashed – Is It To Make Shelf Space for Release of iPad Mini 2?

iPadThe iPad Mini 2, rumored to be released later this year, has already begun to leak rumors of the new features Apple plans to incorporate.  Perhaps Apple will confirm some of the rumblings at the upcoming WWDC.  It is projected that the wow factor will not lie in the design of the iPad Mini 2 but instead in the features and the apps incorporated into the iPad Mini 2. Although the focused wow factor will not lie in the design element of the Apple iPad Mini 2 it has been rumored that the bezel will be trimmed down even smaller than on that of the current Apple iPad Mini. At the vantage point of some angles the bezel is said to be almost non-existent. Apple strives to bring customers convenience, effienciency and quality with each new product. The benefit of a new retina screen display is another way Apple plans to enhance the consumer experience.

The iPad Mini 2 is rumored to feature a high resolution retina display screen. This high resolution retina display feature is also found on Apple’s fourth and third generations of full sized tablets. This high resolution feature will produce sharper and more vivid images. In addition the Apple iPad Mini 2 will also get the added benefit of a larger processor. The processor is said to include a dual core Apple A6X processor.

In addition the iPad Mini 2 will have two cameras. One will be a rear facing 8 megapixel isight camera and the other will be a front facing FaceTime 2 megapixel camera with HD feature capabilities.

Today, we learned that Apple has slashed the prices of the current iPad Mini, perhaps to begin to make room on shelves for the iPad Mini 2.  Maybe Apple has a surprise for us coming up at the WWDC?