Is Walmart Making Space for iPad 5 by Discounting iPad 4 Stock – Rumors Are Hopping

iPadApple prides itself in the quality of their products. Their price reflects this pride. Typically, price drops are not in the vocabulary of Apple stores. Now Apple has—at times—shown appreciation to their customers by providing certain discounts – but never extreme price drops. On the other hand, retailers who carry Apple products are in the business of making sales at every possible opportunity. Retailers can see the magnitude of profit coming from the sale of the iPad 5. So, we suspect they would like to make room on their shelves, but clearing their stock of iPad 4’s.

With that in mind, many retailers are setting price reductions now in preparation of the new Apple iPad 5. Typically, retailers will set a price drop even a month prior to the release of a new product. We suspect this strategy—of some retailers slashing prices on the current stocked iPad 4’s—could be signaling preparation to make room for the iPad 5.

There are several retailers who are currently taking advantage of the upcoming anticipated release of the Apple’s new iPad 5.  The first of which is mega-retailer, Walmart. Walmart is said to have reduced its price of iPad 4 by $30. We suspect that we might hear more about Apple’s iPad 5 during Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) schedule to begin in June.  At minimum, we should hear about the iPad 5’s planned features, but we also hope to hear more details around their planned launch of the iPad 5 that Apple fans can’t seem to wait to get their hands on.