Rumored iPad Mini 2 vs. Nexus 7 – Phablet Feature War or Price War?

Apple Tablet

(Image Credit: Apple)

With two high quality companies competing for the number one spot of a new release there has to be a deal breaker for consumers. Apple has prided themselves in their efficiency, convenience and quality of all their devices. We have said it before, and we will say it again – their prices reflect this and rightly so.  Apple has been in the business of consumer technology for many years. They have earned the trust of the consumers and the knowledge they have gained from the market is indeed priceless when it comes to innovative technology.Google also strives to offer their consumers the same quality in product, style and functional capability with their Nexus product.  So, with two high quality products releasing, who will soar to the top with the profit of consumer sales?  The determining factor is rumored to lie in the price. Both tablets are rumored to be equally pleasing but it is—perhaps—the battle of price that will determine the consumer win. Many Apple consumers are loyal to the brand and will continue to be. But many people are going for both user friendly and budget friendly – as well as open.  Google has been known to win over some iOS enthusiasts with their more “open” Android operating system.

While we want to be careful not to over-speculate on price, some rumors have floated around that the cost of the new Apple iPad Mini 2 will be two times more than that of the Nexus 7.  We—along with you—will wait to see once details are released.