Teenager Does What 4 Million Others Could Not Do – Wins 22Cans’ Curiosity

(Credit: 22Cans Facebook Page)

(Credit: 22Cans Facebook Page)

18-year-old Bryan Henderson did what over four million players could not do – he has won Curiosity and peeked inside the cube.  Curiosity is a free social video game, available both on iOS and Android.  It was designed by Peter Molyneux, of 22Cans, and is the first game as part of his 22 series of “experiments”.Players have been working hard to win Curiosity for nearly a half a year and today it was revealed that teenager, Bryan Henderson, was first to cross the finish line.

Henderson, from Edinburgh, Scotland, was perhaps a bit surprised at his newly found fame.  As part of winning the game, Henderson will likely make some cash, but he will also gain some virtual “power” in Peter Molyneux’s next game, which allows players to “rule” over their own worlds.  As part of winning Curiosity, Henderson will be able to participate in forming some of the rules that will govern the next game.  Molyneux’s next game is partially funded by over a half a million dollars, through a Kickstarter campaign that went viral.

Yesterday’s Facebook post by 22Cans should have given us a clue that a winner would come soon.  They stated, “Less than 5 layers remaining on the Curiosity cube right now…not too long before one person finds out what’s inside. It could be a matter of hours before you find out…”

And then today it was officially announced by 22Cans, “The winner of Curiosity what’s inside the cube is known. It’s Bryan Henderson from Edinburgh”.