Will Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Dazzle us and Feature Pretty Colors? – Rumors Float


(Image Credit: Samsung)

Samsung has truly made its mark in the world of consumer technology by focusing on the smallest needs and styles that would benefit or enhance the consumer experience.Samsung has created this environment through the release of a variety of colors for many of their devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy S4. The same is true of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, which is rumored to be launching in a variety of colors soon. The tablet is only available currently in white. There have been rumors floating in blogosphere of colors such as charcoal black, red and gray.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 was launched earlier this year to compete with Apple’s iPad Mini. The extraordinary success of the iPad Mini did not take away from the success of the Galaxy Note 8.0. The Galaxy Note 8.0 has included many features which leave the iPad Mini blowing in the wind. The Galaxy Note 8.0 includes the compatible and easy flow S Pen. With the S Pen the Galaxy Note 8.0 is turned into a real notepad. This is convenient for quick and decisive note taking all at the hands of technology. The Galaxy Note 8.0 also includes a multi-view mode. The multi-view mode allows users to view more than one app on the screen at a time.

The Galaxy Note 8.0 also has a much larger display screen than the iPad Mini and still conveniently and comfortably fits into the palm of your hand. The Galaxy Note 8.0 is definitely a source of competition for the already released iPad Mini, as well as the rumored iPad Mini 2.