Samsung Galaxy S4 Ready to Battle iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 upon their Release


Image Credit: Samsung

The battle for the giant in the technological mobile market rages on between the Apple iPhone devices and the Samsung Galaxy devices. The giant can be discussed and disputed but the truth lies in the sales. The numbers have spoken and the Samsung Galaxy S4 has climbed to the top of the market with its release. As we reported yesterday, after only one month of being released the Samsung Galaxy S4 has far superceded the extraordinary sales of its predecessor the Samsung Galaxy S3 by selling 10 million devices.To clarify, however, these numbers are units shipped not to direct consumers and because of this Apple still claims to be the fastest selling mobile device in the market but many still beg to differ. J.K. Shin CEO of IT and mobile communications at Samsung was said to have stated that, “At Samsung we will continue to pursue innovation inspired by and for the people.” J.K. Shin thanked consumers and ended with this statement to let consumers know Samsung designs for their convenience in mind and will only do so in this way.

Samsung devices have become some of the fastest selling in the mobile market and predictions continue to push the number of sales to supercede even the foreseeable Apple iPhone S5 which is scheduled to release later this year. Samsung has no worries. They feel that the consumer market will continue to purchase the phone best suited to meet their needs in every aspect. Samsung has indeed taken a place of dominance in the worldwide smartphone market – and the battle rages on.