Why is Everyone Freaking Out About Google Glass Privacy? – Innocent Until Proven Guilty


Google Glass Photo

‘Google Glass’- the latest revolution in the field of technology, has been developed by Google as a ‘gadget for tomorrow’. This device is a ‘wearable computer’ and as claimed by the company, its uniqueness lies in the fact that it allows the user to do different tasks at the same time and thereby saving the user’s time. For instance, it contains a ‘voice assistant feature’ which makes it possible for the user to communicate with others while simultaneously doing other stuff instead of constantly looking at the phone while interacting.

So, what are the issues Google is facing?

The susceptibility regarding the device is due to the utmost concern of people regarding their privacy, for instance, a person walking to them with the concerned device mounted on his head will automatically give them an impression of being filmed which may be seen as an infringement to their privacy.

Also the owners of casinos and cinema halls are really concerned about the device as it has a camera attached to it which does not have any light or any signal to show whether it is working or not. Moreover, they are of the view that they won’t allow anyone wearing a Google Glass to get in as there is a risk of cheating, in the first case, and piracy in the second. It has a constant listening mode too which has also created some concern.

All said and done, healthcare professionals believe the device to be capable of destroying the cognitive capacity of eye.

Well, Google Glass is still on limited release and it seems concerns regarding the device will only be removed after the device gets released commercially.  But, it seems everyone is jumping ahead of themselves as Google Glass has not even been released yet, so it is hard to predict the future.