Tweeting Teens – Does Facebook Need #Trending Topics To Stay Relevant?

Photo Credit: Facebook Image

(Image Credit: Facebook Image)

Well, Facebook has existed for nearly a decade now. Even though recent studies have suggested that people in larger numbers are getting ‘bored’ by Facebook and teenagers are seeing it as an extension of their school and work life, a recent report by the Pew Internet & American Life Project has come out with the statistics that Facebook still remains the most popular choice when it comes to social media for U.S teenagers.And understandably so.  Facebook has over a billion users registered in it, and more people are joining it by the day.  But it’s not all that smooth sailing for Facebook. The report comes out with some interesting statistics. Foremost of all is the fact that most teenagers today complain of an increasing adult presence on Facebook, even though they say that they still ‘enjoy using it’.

But is it necessary for Facebook to stay trendy?  Apparently, yes.

Most school students feel that Facebook is an extension of their school life, something teenagers want to escape from. And Facebook seems way more drama than these teenagers can handle. This is why, online space away from Facebook are the places which teens seek – to get out from the presence of adults who seem to be continuously supervising and watching their actions.

For instance, Instagram which only has around 11% teenagers, teens expect that they would not be watched and have a supportive environment.  Twitter is the solace for these teens, it seems as they can tweet away what they want, without the fear of much repercussion.  And teens are also flocking to Twitter to login in for their Social Media fix.  Twitter offers the increasingly popular hashtag, which is displayed as #, to show the tweeters a grouping of trending topics.  Perhaps Facebook will make the hashtag trend at some point – but it also looks like they are still remaining relevant without it.