Comparing Dog Breeds – Labrador Retrievers, Pit Bulls, Bulldogs, and German Shepherd

dogMan’s best friend is usually the term given to a domestic dog. Dogs are wonderful companions. There are so many different breeds of dogs, so how exactly does one go about choosing the right dog to be a part of their life?  In this article, we will consider four breeds of dogs.

The pit bull is a mixed breed between bulldogs and terriers. The American pit bull was bred to work. The pit bull, although a legal domesticated dog, is not recommended to be in the company of children. According to reports, out of 217 fatal dog attacks, pit bulls were responsible for over 120 of them. Out of these attacks, 94% percent were on children who did not provoke the dogs.

The bulldog is a heavy dog with a pushed in nose and wrinkled face. Bulldogs can move quickly over short distances. They do not need a lot of exercise. These are great dogs for an urban environment or for apartment living. Bulldogs are very docile.

Labrador Retrievers are fun, playful and athletic. Labrador Retriever’s are well-behaved and even tempered around the elderly and children. Labrador’s have been used as therapy dogs and have helped aid the blind. They even work with law enforcement in detection and screening.

The German Shepherd is a large breed of dog which originated in Germany. Germany Shepherds were originally employed for guarding and herding sheep. German Shephards are intelligent, obedient, and strong. German Shepherds are great guard dogs. They are also very active.