Facebook Looks To Eradicate Haters – Drafts New Policies To Address Hate Speech


(Image Credit: Facebook logo)

Facebook has announced that it is taking measures to remove certain type of hate speeches on the site. It is also introducing new policies so that it can improve its track record in the future. Facebook, it seems, is making these changes a top priority in response to instances of documented ‘hate speech’ that have been passed along via the social media site.In its current Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, it completely prohibits hate speech, but lately the social network’s system has failed to remove hate speech as effectively as it should. Marne Levine, Vice President of global public policy at Facebook suggested that this issue, especially around gender-based hates, has made Facebook take this measure.

The change has come about after many groups have raised their concern over the violent and hateful content which targets women and appears on Facebook commonly.

Levine accepted that in some cases the content was not removed as quickly as it should have or the content was evaluated using outdated criteria which should have been otherwise removed. The sites guideline’s that is used to respond to violation reports has failed to capture all those contents which aim to violate their own standards.

Levine has promised that they need to do better and they surely will by updating their guidelines and taking the necessary action at the earliest. Facebook keeps on updating its policies from time to time and so this comes as no surprise at all.  No word yet on if other social media sites will follow Facebook’s lead.