Bluetooth-Connected Smartphones Will Unlock Your Door For You – Yves Behar Does It Again

It’s a thing we do all the time, many times unconsciously. Turning a key to unlock a door isn’t something that we typically give much though to – unless are hands our full.  But, we are also looking for ways that technology can help make our lives easier.  Enter Yves Behar and his new ‘smart lock’.  He is working hard so that you can have a connected home – and can be controlled right from your iPhone app.

So, what is this all about?

Well, firstly bid adieu to your traditional door lock. Instead, a much smoother, metallic cylinder will replace it. That’s not all. When you lock or unlock a door- right from your iPhone app – it will produce chimes and illuminate the surroundings with its in built LED lights. And yes, four AA batteries provide for the power.

The technique is really simple. A Bluetooth helps your phone know when it is in range of the lock – and you will have customized access to it. If a friend comes over, you can grant him access for a period of time or indefinitely – as you wish. And yes, anybody would want to know who comes into one’s house, so a log record is kept which shows all those who has locked or unlocked the door.

Costing around $200, the device will be available late fall.

The thing that makes us ponder? Well, what if you run out of your iPhone battery by the time you reach home? Do you need to recharge your battery first then from your neighbor’s house?