iPad 5 Fans Hope WWDC Will Reveal Features, Specs, Release Date – Rumor Buzz

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iPad 5 Fans Hope WWDC Will Reveal Features, Specs, Release Date – Rumor Buzz

Well, it’s that time of the year when Apple rumors are the strongest.  With the WWDC just days away, rumors of various updates to Apple products and new launches have gained momentum.  Today we examine the iPad5 rumors that are floating around.Some things do seem nearly certain.  Our guess is that one of them will include the announcement of the launch of the iPad 5. It was in August last year that the announcement of the iPad 4 left many surprised and with nearly a year gone now, how far can the iPad 5 be?

Well, analysts like Jeremy Horwitz of iLounge believe that the date of the release of the iPad 5 could be as soon as October this year. More, the iPad 5 is likely to have “chamfered edges and curves” just like the iPad Mini, according to Horwitz. For Horwitz, the iPad 5 will have “virtually no left or right bezels, and only enough space above and below the screen to accommodate the mandatory camera and Home Button elements.”

Among the many rumors and specs going on about the iPad 5, we found some that are really credible. One is the size of the device itself. A 9.7 inch screen will be there and we will see quite lesser of the bezels.

With rumors that Apple will be using the IGZO technology soon, it seems that the iPad 5 might be a lot thinner and weigh much less too. Of course, Apple doesn’t want to disclose anything before the launch date, and so we might just as well wait until June 10, to know who was right and who was not.