iPad Mini 2 to be Cheaper Than Current iPad Mini? – Rumors Swirl Ahead of WWDC

Well, Apple took out the iPad Mini in answer to the Kindle Fire tablets. However, even though the low price tag of the iPad Mini managed to attract a far wider customer base than before, Apple still seems to lose out on many potential customers.

This is especially so because Kindle continues to make tablets that are way cheaper. The selling policy of Kindle is a bit different than what is followed by Apple. Selling the Kindle Fire tablets at the making price, Kindle only benefits by the app revenues and ads it promotes through the tablets.

However, Apple might be trying to play catch up and retain its hold on the tablet market – which was undisputed even sometime back.

If rumors are to be believed, a price drop from the $329 price tag of an iPad Mini to around $250 might just be on the cards.  At least, that’s what one analyst claims could be on the radar.  And for Apple, it might just be the wise thing to do too. More, if Apple indeed does slash the price, competing with other Android tablets in the market might get easier to.

But how likely is the price cut?

Well, if all things are considered, the chances do seem slim. The reason is the Apple iPad Mini 2 will most likely feature the retina display. And to cut the prices by nearly $80 while adding in new features like the retina display might not seem Apple-like. More, if you get the iPad Mini 2 with a retina display at around $250, why would you go in for the iPad 5?

However, Apple might just play it smart and slash the prices of the iPad Mini to around $250, after the iPad Mini 2 is released. That would ensure that previous iPad Mini customers aren’t peeved with the price cut and Apple still retains its market share.