Samsung no Savior for Facebook Home – Shows No Interest in Making Facebook Phone

Samsung no Savior for Facebook Home – Shows No Interest in Making Facebook PhoneFacebook Home was undoubtedly one of the most disappointing flops in the history of the social network, surpassed only by the outright disaster that was the HTC First Facebook Phone. The fact that only a fractional percentage of Facebook users actually bothered with Facebook Home should have served as something of a clue as the how a Facebook Phone would fare, but for some reason HTC still decided to go for it and ended up blushing for the experience.

Since then, the price of the Facebook Phone has been slashed almost to nothing and plenty of international release dates have been shelved altogether.

Not one to give up however, Mr. Zuckerbarg has apparently been looking into potential replacements for HTC that could do a better job in getting Facebook and Facebook Home to the masses. Part of the process involved a personal visit to South Korea in order to discuss one or two ideas with Shin Jong-kyun, Samsung’s head of mobile.

Sadly however the result was apparently not to Zuckerberg’s liking as according to the Korea Herald’s sources, the global tech leader is “unlikely to be considering the request for a Facebook-platform phone,” for the simple reason that it wouldn’t really do anything for the brand in terms of reputation or finance.

Instead, Samsung’s aim is to continue its focus on innovation right at the top of the market with high-end hardware.

For reasons unknown, Zuckerberg didn’t bother the good people at LG while in their neck of the woods, despite the likelihood of a more positive response.

As such, the future of Facebook Home is seriously in question as uptake has slowed to a rather disappointing trickle and consumer response to the phone-hijacking app has been anything but rosy.