Study Links Peanut Butter to Lower Breast Cancer Risk

Study Links Peanut Butter to Lower Breast Cancer RiskA new study has generated evidence suggesting that the regular consumption of peanut butter and other nuts could lower the risk of a women developing breast cancer. A joint project carried out between Harvard Medical School and the Washington University School of Medicine, the remarkable findings pave the way for further, more detailed studies.

“These findings suggest that peanut butter could help reduce the risk of breast cancer in women,” said Graham Colditz, senior author of the paper.

The team behind the project looked into over 9,000 girls, focusing on which of the group had by the age of 30 been diagnosed with benign breast disease. While the condition itself is neither cancerous nor fatal, it is a known trigger of breast cancer.

Surprisingly, those that regularly consumed nuts or peanut butter were found to be a full 39% less as risk to benign breast disease, indirectly suggesting that peanut butter could indeed play a beneficial role in the fight against the early onset of breast cancer.

Other foods found to have a similar though lesser effect on the prevention of benign breast disease included corn, lentils and beans – none of which were quite as beneficial as peanut butter and other nuts.