Apple MacBook Pro 2013 Recap – The What, The When and The Wow

Apple MacBook Pro 2013 Recap – The What, The When and The WowTime is fast running out for Apple to unveil the 2013 MacBook Pro, which has become the firm’s most elusive product of the year by far. Having defied all expectations and failed to make an appearance at either of Apple’s big event of the year – WWDC and the iPhone 5S launch party – there’s really only one platform left for the new Retinal MacBook Pro range to break cover.

If the new Pro is coming this year, it simply has to arrive alongside the new iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2.

But will it be worth the wait?

Well, to recap what we know so far it’s largely come to be expected that the Pro range will follow suit with the stunning new 2013 MacBook Air. The biggest change to the Air range came in the form of Intel’s Haswell Core i5 CPU at its heart, which increased battery life exponentially and also delivered a marked uptick in raw performance.

With the 2013 MacBook Pro, Haswell is once again expected to be at the heart of the operation. In this case however, most expect Apple to concentrate slightly less on squeezing as much juice as possible from the battery and more on improving the speed of each notebook across the range. Whereas the 2013 Air boasts battery life improvements of up to 50% , this is more likely to come down to about 30% with the Pro – performance increases on the other hand will be sizeable.

There’s also been talk of Apple perhaps fitting at least one of the higher-end MacBook Pros with an Ultra-HD 4K display, though little evidence has surfaced to suggest this is the case.

And perhaps the other most pressing rumor is that of an impending revival of the 17-inch MacBook Pro for the 2013 model year. Having previously been retired due to generally poor sales performance, fresh demand for the largest MacBook Pro of them all may have prompted Apple to rethink.

In terms of precisely when to expect the new range, Apple is yet to officially confirm its final launch event of the year but the general consensus points to October 15th. This is the date on which both the iPad Mini 2 and iPad 5 are expected to arrive, most likely sharing the stage with the new Haswell MacBook Pro.

If accurate, expect the full commercial release of all three products around a week later.