T-Mobile to Remove All BlackBerry Stocks from US Stores – More Misery for Waterloo

T-Mobile to Remove All BlackBerry Stocks from US Stores – More Misery for WaterlooWe seem to once again be neck-deep in a period time when BlackBerry just cannot catch a break for love nor money. It’s all harking back to the middle of last year when the very mention of the Waterloo firm was enough to send a cold shiver down your spine as you knew the context wasn’t going to be anything positive.

Cruelly, this spring’s momentary rise back to fame seems to have been nothing more than a wicked teaser of what could have been though in all likelihood never will again.

Over the course of the last week, BlackBerry has not only run into some serious obstacles with getting its BBM service for iOS and Android out in the wild, but also confirmed that no less than 4,500 jobs are to be cut – a full 40% of its remaining workforce.

And just to add insult to injury at this hideously painful time, T-Mobile has confirmed that it is all-but turning its back on BlackBerry and will no longer feature and of the firm’s products in its stores. Customers will still be able to buy BlackBerry Smartphones from T-Mobile, but will have to ask for them specifically and order them in.

Speaking to Reuters yesterday, T-Mobile executive David Carey stated that low customer demand has rendered it “inefficient” to continue stocking the BlackBerry devices buyers just don’t seem to be interested in. He spoke of BlackBerry devices still being sold to corporate buyers, but as these are not usually purchased in-store there this doesn’t translate as reason to keep them in stock.

His comments seemed to suggest that there will still be a contingency of demo units kept in T-Mobile stores for the inspection of those looking to buy one, but this kind of token presence is really the last thing BlackBerry needs right now when its ship is once again sinking at record-pace.