National Smoking Rate Continues to Fall – Will Electronic Cigarettes Help or Hinder the Cause?

National Smoking Rate Continues to Fall – Will Electronic Cigarettes Help or Hinder the Cause?Smoking is once again on the down across the US, with last year’s figures suggesting the first substantial dip in seven years.

As far as motivation behind the positive findings goes however, nobody seems to know why we’re quitting.

The national average smoking rate has been decreasing for decades now, which is something attributed to widespread understanding of the risks and ill-effects of smoking. However, as of 2006 things seemed to hit a brick wall and the smoking rate remained between 20% and 21% for years to follow.

As such, the decrease to 18% recorded for 2012 has been welcomed as extremely promising news by health groups across the US, though most have been keen to stress that the nation’s battle against tobacco addiction isn’t close to out of the woods yet.

Smoking remains the number-one cause of entirely preventable sickness and death in America today. Tobacco is said to be responsible for one in every five recorded deaths in the US and the cost of treating smoke-related illnesses reaches as high as $73 billion every single year.

The CDC estimates that up to 80% of heart disease and lung cancer deaths could be prevented were tobacco to be removed from the equation entirely.

Some of the potential factors contributing to the lower smoking rate include stricter restrictions on smoking in public, increased taxes on cigarettes and the ongoing educational campaigns designed to prevent young Americans from starting smoking in the first place.

Smoking has also become more difficult in most stated where it is now a legal obligation to ensure smoke-free air in the working environment, leading many workers to quite altogether due to the inconvenience or impossibility of smoking during the working day.

However, it remains to be seen how the spectacular rise in popularity of electronics cigarettes affects future smoking rates.