Think You’re a Safe and Savvy Mobile Tech User? Statistics Say Otherwise

Think You’re a Safe and Savvy Mobile Tech User? Statistics Say OtherwiseThe vast majority of people think themselves savvy when it comes to technology, not realizing that most of them are actually leaving themselves wide open to attacks. According to a new study carried out on mobile tech users, close to 75% of people think they are well-versed on the subject, though more than 60% don’t even lock their mobile phones with a password.

The study was carried out in the UK, where last year saw more than 123,500 cases of identity theft reported, resulting in gigantic losses that could for the most part have been easily avoided. The study also showed that last year, the average time it took for a person to find out that their details were being used for criminal activity was 444 days, by which time potentially irreparable damage could of course have been done.

Tech users are across the board are being urged to reconsider their habits as the overwhelming majority are taking unnecessary risks.

At least one in five are known to leave themselves logged into their email accounts even when not in use, while one in ten admitted to frequently logging onto their internet banking service while using a public internet connection.

Similar patterns also emerged on the subject of social media, with one in ten users stating that they keep their accounts fully open which means that anyone can see their personal details without having to make a friend or contact request.

According to experts, the problem boils down more to laziness than ignorance. They speak of the user’s desire to get in and out of their desired apps and services as quickly as possible and without the minor inconvenience of having to enter and re-enter usernames and passwords every time. They also cite the obsession with being connected 24/7 as the reason so many are using entirely unsafe public internet connections, rather than waiting until a safe network is available.