From DIY Stool Enemas to Poop Pills – The Marvels of Modern Medicine

From DIY Stool Enemas to Poop Pills – The Marvels of Modern MedicineYou can probably name a whole bunch of things you could eat for a healthy gut – chances are poop isn’t one of them.

In what sounds like a bizarre April Fool’s Day hoax, doctors have apparently discovered that creating medicinal pills that contain the poop of healthy people can actually work wonders on various infections of the gut. Coming under the rather questionable title of the “fecal transplant”, researchers in Canada tried feeding the poop-pills to a full 27 individuals who hadn’t responded to antibiotics and every single one of them was cured.

Clostridium difficile affects at least 500,000 US citizens every single year and the condition is so serious that up to 14,000 lose their lives to the infection. Symptoms are extremely painful and debilitating including severe cramps, nausea and diarrhea. There are drugs on the market that can help kill-off the infection, but not only are the antibiotics extremely expensive but they can also lead to some nasty side-effects.

However, research highlighted a connection between fecal transplant and a much safer, faster and cheaper recovery for sufferers – a process involving the transplant of healthy poop from the donor into the patient. The ‘goods’ were administered via throat tubes or enemas, but were often rejected by the body and didn’t have any real benefit.

Still keeping your breakfast down?

Try this – there’s even a selection of YouTube video that show you the DIY approach to these healthy poop enemas. Even though some are actually reputed to be safe by medical officials, we won’t be handing out the links for you to go check them out.

In any case, the latest advancement takes much of the nastiness out of the process by isolating the bacteria needed for the patient’s recover and filtering out the…well, the poop. So technically they’re not eating poop, but just some of the goodies it contains.

And now, back to your bran flakes!