iPhone 5S Too Low Brow? Try the $7,000 Vertu Constellation Where Looks Really are Everything

iPhone 5S Too Low Brow? Try the $7,000 Vertu Constellation Where Looks Really are EverythingFor those consumed by fear that the iPhone is quickly losing its air of exclusivity, how about the latest $7,000 handset from Vertu?

Once again, the super-luxury and undeniably OTT British brand has put together a Smartphone that’s 99% form and no more than about 1% function. Designed for a crowd where keeping up appearances counts for everything and money is no object, the new Vertu Constellation weighs in at €4,900 and follows the equally offensively eccentric Vertu Ti released a few months ago.

Sadly though, despite paying the most extraordinarily premium price for the Bugatti of the Smartphone world, Prius performance is all you get under the hood. The latest Vertu packs a relatively uninspiring 1.7GHz dual-core processor, 32GB of storage space and a 4.3-inch 720p HD screen which according to those behind it is “virtually scratch proof”.

If I was paying that kind of change, “virtually” wouldn’t cut it!

So on the inside it’s all a bog-standard affair, but the exterior of the thing is quite simply stunning on another level. The Vertu Constellation features the kind of attention to detail no other brand invests in a single element of its Smartphones and the result is quite spectacular.

Each of the strictly limited Constellation Smartphones on offer is 100% handmade and sports the finest calf leather in a variety of suitably tasteful colors. There’s Raspberry, Mocha, Orange, Black and Cappuccino to choose from, wrapping a case that’s built from grade 5 titanium.

And as usual, the select clientele that takes home the Vertu Constellation will also benefit from lifetime membership to Veru Life, which opens up access to exclusive events, parties and gatherings only for owners of Vertu phones.

Wow…you can only just begin to imagine how ‘fun’ one of those soirees would be.