‘Luckiest Man In the World’ Shoots Himself In the Heart and Lives

‘Luckiest Man In the World’ Shoots Himself In the Heart and LivesA carpenter has been forced to reconsider his attitude to health and safety at work after he accidentally shot himself in the heart with a nail-gun.

58-year-old Eugene Rakow from Minnesota was helping a neighbor get his outdoor decking in place, when a careless accident saw a 3.5-inch nail blasted right into his heart. The nail came within 2mm of hitting his coronary artery, which would have almost certainly resulted in his death.

He’s since undergone open-heart surgery to remove the nail and is expected to make a full recovery.

“I was holding it up and I shot the nail in and the nail gun bounced, hit my chest and it went off again,” Mr. Rakow said while resting up at home.

“Your body kind of goes into shock.  I could feel it gurgle a little, crunch a little. I knew it wasn’t good.”

Remarkable, Mr. Rakow was able to remain calm and composed enough to phone his wife, who rushed to the scene and transported her husband to the ER.

“The surgeon said I ought to buy a lottery ticket, you got to be the luckiest man alive,’ he beamed.

“The surgeon said most people die right there. He said nine out of 10 won’t make it.”