Hair Of The Dog? No Thanks, I’ll Take a Sprite- Hangover Cure Extraordinaire

Hair Of The Dog? No Thanks, I’ll Take a Sprite- Hangover Cure ExtraordinaireSome swear by the old ‘Hair of the Dog’ adage and others bring out the Bloody Maries, but it turns out that the ultimate cure for those morning-after ills could be something entirely simpler and safer.

Curious, research has suggested that the best thing you can possibly drink to help shift an evil hangover is Sprite.

Scientists in China studied the hangover-curing effects of a full 57 drinks covering every imaginable product type, eventually reaching the conclusion that Sprite was the most effective and beneficial.

Rather looking into the harmful and indeed painful effects of alcohol in its own right, the team instead looked and the process undertaken by the body to get rid of the stuff. The enzymes the body produces to help process and reduce alcohol levels have been linked to the hideous feelings of sickness and headaches associated with hangovers – this formed the focus for the study.

It turned out that of all the drinks tested, Sprite was the beverage that offered the most help for the body in the process of breaking down the alcohol and thus reducing the severity and length of the negative effects caused by the enzymes. At the other end of the scale were some herbal drinks which were found to actually stand in the way of the process, therefore could in theory make a hangover feel even worse and last longer.

The study also found that contrary to popular belief, headaches associated with hangovers are not nearly as sever or long-lasting in older individuals than youngsters. The reason being that our brains shrink with age which in turn means that the swelling caused by alcohol causes less pressure than it would in a younger person and thus reduces the feeling of a sore head.

Sadly, the feelings of nausea and general malaise only get worse with age as the enzymes responsible for breaking down alcohol become less effective by the year.