Think E-Cigarettes Are Healthy? Three Thoughts to Ponder

Think E-Cigarettes Are Healthy? Three Thoughts to PonderJust a few years back, we figured we’d seen the end of smoking in public places – a habit the vast majority were happy to see outlawed. Today though, there’s scarcely a public place anywhere across the US where you won’t see everyday folk cheerfully puffing away on a new kind of cigarette, which although technically not on the same plane as standard tobacco is fast becoming a serious health concern.

Advocates of electronic cigarettes remain adamant that the benefits vastly outweigh the dangers, which to some extent is difficult to argue with. By removing each and every one of the most harmful toxins and chemicals found in regular cigarettes, the electronic variants are inherently less damaging to a person’s health.

This, however, should not be misinterpreted as confirmation that e-cigarettes are even remotely healthy, or don’t have their own impact on those using them on society as a whole.

First of all, with e-cigarettes currently being unregulated across the US, there’s technically no law stating how old you have to be to buy, own or smoke one. As such, it’s becoming increasingly common to see the things finding their ways into the hands of youngsters, who in turn set themselves on a dangerous path to full-blown nicotine addictions from an early age.

And the same applies to adult smokers too – e-cigarettes are just as addictive as standard tobacco, meaning that cheap and easy access to the devices could in fact increase the number of addicts across the US, rather than assisting its decline. And of course, chances are the majority of nicotine addicts starting off with e-cigarettes will eventually make the switch to standard tobacco, be it temporarily or permanently.

Finally, something that seems to have been overlooked by the growing army of celebrities endorsing e-cigarettes is the fact that nicotine itself is indeed a toxin and is known to have adverse effects on the health. From heart arrhythmia to high blood pressure to headaches and all manner of circulatory problems, high doses of nicotine from any source…including e-cigarettes…are just plain dangerous.

Thought e-cigarettes were a harmless and welcome alternative to the real thing?

Think again.