How Not to Tow a Mazda – Driver’s Day Made Worse by Absent-Minded Rescuer

How Not to Tow a Mazda – Driver’s Day Made Worse by Absent-Minded RescuerIt’s always comforting to know that no matter how bad our days at work sometimes feel, there’s always someone out there having a much worse time of it. Not in a schadenfreude sense of course, but rather the knowledge that our own lot isn’t usually quite as unfortunate as we think it is.

Take this particular viral video for example, which shows a tow truck driver doing his level best to help following a serious accident, only to make matters even worse than they already are. The first part of his task is to flip the Mazda currently on its side back onto its wheels – a task he tackles with professionalism and ease.

Or so we think, until it becomes clear that he somehow forgot to secure the car’s brakes. To the horror of the car’s owner and the tow truck driver alike, the freshly-flipped Mazda proceeds to roll right off the road and go careering into a ditch.

Among the various expletives that can be heard in the video, the car’s passenger during the accident and now shooting the videos groans: “You have to be kidding me.”

“I recorded the incident on behalf of the driver in case the insurance company needed it… just as well!” she added after the accident.

Unsurprisingly, the video has gone well and truly viral having been viewed over 660,000 in the days following its releases.

So if you think you’re having the kind of day that can’t get worse, just remember there’s always a plucky tow-truck driver out there ready and waiting to prove you wrong!