Facebook Urges More Teacher Intervention to Stem Tide of Online Bullying

Facebook Urges More Teacher Intervention to Stem Tide of Online BullyingFacebook bullying has reached epidemic levels the world over, promoting the social network to speak out about its future plans and efforts to better control the problem.

The firm’s policy director for Facebook in the UK and Ireland, Simon Milner, spoke to members of the British Parliament this week of its push for educators to intervene when it becomes apparent that their students are either victims or perpetrators of online bullying.

“Typically bullies are friends of those who are being bullied,” he said while addressing the Culture Media and Sport committee.

The safety and reporting tools offered by Facebook have led to a marked increase in awareness of bullying incidents across the social network, thus enabling teachers to take appropriate action when any such problems come to light.

“The young person being bullied by somebody else at school can report that person to a teacher,” Milner added, stating that social media and online bullying often occurs after incidents started in the “classroom, the school bus or the school canteen”.

An official Guide for Educators was launched by Facebook back in June, targeting increased awareness of and proactivity toward online bullying.

Social networking sites have faced heavy fire from critical parties throughout the year, many of whom insist that little to nothing of practical worth is done by those responsible for what is and isn’t published.