Greed Vs Gratefulness – Black Friday Is Destroying Thanksgiving

Greed Vs Gratefulness – Black Friday Is Destroying ThanksgivingMost seasoned Black Friday veterans are gearing up for the most frenzied and downright chaotic event in the history of retail – as has come to be the way of things. However, industry experts see things going down rather differently this year and paint a picture of a Thanksgiving tradition that may well never be the same again…for both good and bad reasons.

We all know the scenes of pretty appalling carnage when the doors swing open on Black Friday. Heck, there have even been deaths caused by stampeding bargain hunters greedily stopping at nothing to save a few bucks…vile behavior, as anyone would agree. This year however, more stores than ever before have promised to kick off their Black Friday sales considerably earlier – some as early as 6pm on Thanksgiving Eve.

The upshot of this is that these staggered store openings should technically lead to a much less frenzied dash for the finish line come Black Friday itself. By varying their opening times, stores are making it easier for the authorities to keep control over what goes on in and around the sales ad could take a huge amount of pressure of in-store security effort.

As for the downside of all this – well, how about the end of Thanksgiving as we know it?

It’s one thing to gear up most of the day for sales that kick-off at midnight, but what’s going to start happening when 6pm and even earlier openings become commonplace? Simple – families hell-bent on scoring bargains will probably skip their traditional Thanksgiving plans altogether and go camp outside stores from early in the day.

Or in other words, today’s Black Friday could annihilate yesterday’s Thanksgiving traditions, which I for one think is a tragedy of epic proportions.

Could there be anything less in the true spirit of Thanksgiving than the greed associated with trampling over fellow Americans just to hoard a load of cheap goods? Would it really hurt to keep the two events just a little further apart for the sake of upholding tradition?

Your thoughts…