Housing Estate That Resembles Male Member Goes Viral – Residents Not Amused

Housing Estate That Resembles Male Member Goes Viral – Residents Not AmusedA pretty UK housing estate has gone viral all over the web for all the wrong reasons, after a rather unfortunate Google Maps images painted a less-than attractive picture of the community. Not to put too fine a point on it, when viewed from above the genuinely attractive estate looks uncannily like a crudely drawn penis.

Not that the residents of George Road, Edward Road, and Yeoman Cottages in Hoylake, Wirral are amused by the image – they now fear the value of their homes could be affected as the world learns of the estate’s unfortunate hidden image.

You have to wonder whether the builders behind the project were having a bit of a laugh at the future residents’ expense – they must have seen it on the blueprints, right?

A pretty pricey precinct by British standards, the average home price in the cul-de-sac is a mighty £200,000, or about $325,000 to you and me. As for how this will be affected by the discovery remains to be seen, but the locals certainly aren’t sharing the giggle the rest of the world is having.

“Since someone spotted this on Google Earth we have all become a laughing stock,” said Carl Hodge, a local resident.

“You can’t argue because it really does look just like a man’s **** and ****,”

“I haven’t heard of anyone moving out because of it but we are definitely worried it would put of potential buyers if we ever wanted to sell,”

“Who would want to live in the cul-de-sac that everyone is taking the mick out of,”

“They say Google Earth is fascinating and people spend hours on it but it has been a nightmare for us,”

“I think Google should remove the street from the internet. It might be funny but it’s no laughing matter if you’re trying to sell your house.”

I’m not sure it’s Google you really should be blaming for this one, guys!