Black Friday Brawls Go Global – The True Spirit of Thanksgiving

Black Friday Brawls Go Global – The True Spirit of ThanksgivingAs shoppers across the US raced to celebrate the true meaning of Thanksgiving by barging and brawling their way to Black Friday bargains, our friends overseas were caught up in a similar hurricane of greed. Even as far afield as Northern Ireland, there were reports of chaos among the crowds willing to do pretty much anything to save a pretty penny.

Here in the US, things were no different than usual. In fact, it wasn’t nearly as shameful as some prior Black Friday massacres. But still, some folks seemed determined to sour an occasion that’s really supposed to be about gratitude and generosity.

For example, police were called to a Best Buy store in Florida where a father left his baby unsupervised in the parking lot as he tended to his real priority – the Black Friday sales.

Shoppers cutting the queues at a Rialto-based Wal-Mart triggered a brawl that called for police intervention, during which at least one officer was injured.

And over in Las Vegas, a shopper walking home with a TV he just bought from Target was shot in the leg for unknown reasons.

For the first time on record, Black Friday seems to be making a significant impact overseas with similar sales indeed tales of carnage flying in from various regions.

In Northern Ireland for example, one women was hospitalized during a Black Friday sales crush and a pregnant women ended up being trampled as shoppers rushed to buy cheap televisions.

At the risk of sounding cynical, I can’t help but feel that Thanksgiving as at least some of us have come to know and respect it is a dying tradition.

Be honest – what’s the first thing you think about when Thanksgiving in mentioned these days…blessings or Black Friday?