Snitch on Friends for Cash Prizes – UK Police Tackle Drink Driving with Controversial Campaign

Snitch on Friends for Cash Prizes – UK Police Tackle Drink Driving with Controversial CampaignPolice in the UK are once again stepping up the offensive on drink-drivers over Christmas, promising to pay members of the pubic up to £200 ($330) if they report their friends for driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Simply inform the police that a friend or family member has been or is driving after drinking alcohol and you’ll be rewarded with the cash incentive, assuming they are successfully prosecuted.

It is the same story every year, people think it is acceptable to have a few drinks with their family or friends and then get behind the wheel,” said Inspector Greg Jennings speaking on behalf of West Midlands Police.

“In many cases they wouldn’t dream of drink driving, or taking drugs, at other times of the year but they lose their common sense at Christmas,”

“We are now urging anyone who is aware of people breaking the law to pick up the phone and report selfish individuals.”

A toll-free number has been set up for Brits looking to turn their mates in for cash rewards, which during previous trials turned out to be a much more popular and productive practice than anyone could have imagined. Some have of course lashed out at the initiative as one that invites not only betrayal but also entrapment, but for others is it a necessary means to once again keep the roads safe over the most notorious drink-driving period of the year.

“The message is a simple one: drink driving kills and making a call could save a life,” added Inspector Sion Hathaway,”

“There are devastated families across the country who have had their loved go out and then not come home, all because of a driver who selfishly got behind the wheel after drinking or taking drugs,”

“Many don’t even realize that they still pose a risk, and could be breaking the law, the morning after,”

“We work with families who have been left devastated by one mindless act and our aim is to stop people before they harm themselves, or others.”