Breaking Bad Baby Names Spike 70% – Skyler and Jesse Soar, Walther and Saul Stall

Breaking Bad Baby Names Spike 70% - Skyler and Jesse Soar, Walther and Saul StallNaming your kids after the most inspirational and influential figures in our lives is nothing new – we’ve been doing so since the very dawn of recorded history. Over recent years though, pop-culture has taken over and more kids than ever before are being named after the fictional TV and movie characters their parents developed something of an affinity for.

Not surprising therefore that a huge spike has been noted in the number of kids being named after characters from ABC’s phenomenally successful Breaking Bad.

One of the more wholesome choices that seems to have been given a new lease of life is the name Skyler – registrations of which for new babies in Britain are up a whopping 70%. Skyler was of course the slightly less-dodgy voice of reason to Walther White’s growing insanity, so as far as characters to choose from the series go, she’s a pretty good egg…sort of.

Meanwhile, Jesse Pinkman seems to have inspired quite a few people in his own right too – a full 13% more babies are being named Jessie than before Breaking Bad hit the airwaves. In terms of appropriateness, I personally wouldn’t like to think I’d been named after a meth-addicting drug-dealing murdered, but each to their own an all that.

And it’s not just Breaking Bad either that’s inspiring new parents – Homeland for example has triggered a spike in baby names like Dana, Brody and Carrie too. Fans of Game of Thrones have likewise jumped on the bandwagon to such an extent that Arya has made an appearance in the Top-100 baby names list for the first time in quite a few years.

As for Walther and Saul – no real movement to report, unsurprisingly.