Hospital Patient Discovers Surgical Glove Left in her Body Following Hysterectomy

Hospital Patient Discovers Surgical Glove Left in her Body Following HysterectomyA hospital patient from the UK was horrified to discover that following her surgery, she left hospital with far more than she bargained for. In the kind of horrific incident you may have thought was confined to medical mythology, Sharon Birks was informed at a later meeting that a surgical glove had been left inside her body.

Mrs. Birks attended further consultations after the operation to report feeling generally unwell, only to find out later that a glove used during her hysterectomy was still inside her.

The procedure was carried out by surgeons at the Royal Derby Hospital, but it was a full three days later that she raised the alarm after sensing that something just wasn’t as it should be. Her catheter had just been removed and it was during a trip to the bathroom that she discovered the blunder of the doctors.

The hospital has issued a full apology to Mrs. Birks and promised that an in-depth investigation will be carried out and those responsible dealt with.

“It was horrible – when I went to the toilet, I just remember having this feeling something had dropped in my stomach,” Mrs. Birks told the UK press.

“Then I felt something rubbery and, the next thing I know, I’m pulling out this great big surgeon’s glove – and there’s this blood gushing everywhere,”

“I just felt sick and giddy and I went straight to the nurse – they gave me a full internal examination and people came down to talk to me about it,”

“But I think people should know about this because I would hate to think what would have happened if I’d have gone home before this was discovered.”

An examination was carried out to ensure no serious damage had been caused and Mrs. Birks was given antibiotics to rule out any risk of infection.

“I just had this really bad stomach ache and it almost felt like something was wedged in my stomach,” she added.

“At first, I just thought it was perhaps something to do with my catheter,”

“By Thursday, I wasn’t ready to go home and now I’m so glad I didn’t.”