World’s Oldest Weight Lifter? 100 Year Old Brit Still Hits the Gym Three Times a Week

World’s Oldest Weight Lifter? 100 Year Old Brit Still Hits the Gym Three Times a WeekA senior citizen from the UK has given new meaning to health and fitness dedication – at 100 years old he is still hitting the gym with both barrels three times every week.

Tom Marsden is by a pretty big margin the oldest gym member at the Sun Centre in Rhyl, where he never fails to turn up for his running, rowing and weight lifting regime. Some would a man of such an age should be taking it easy, but given his background you can understand why it’s really not in his blood.

During the course of his life, Mr. Marsden has been a motor racing driver, a scuba diver, a stuntman, an aero engineer and an…erm, chicken farmer. Sure the farming entry isn’t quite as white-knuckle as the rest, but you get the idea.

Reporters from the Daily Post newspaper reached out to the gent following his 100th birthday and found out first-hand that he’s not even close to hanging up his gym-kit yet.

“I will carry on for as long as I possibly can,” he told reporters.

“Working out is a great past time and I’ve made lots of friends at the gym.”

It was only ten years ago that Marsden made the press by taking his final scuba diving trip at the youthful age of 90. But then again, he didn’t take up the hobby until he was 72!

“Tom is a real inspiration,” gym worker Jake Rousseau told the newspaper.

“He has been a member of our gym since 1996 and comes here three times a week,”

“Tom usually spends 20 minutes on the rowing machine, 20 minutes on the treadmill and also lifts weights – even though he’s had two knee replacements,”

“He doesn’t look anywhere near 100 – he has so much energy.”